I Know You Are But What Am I?


Therefore you have no excuse, O man, every one of you who judges. For  in passing judgment on another you condemn yourself, because you, the judge, practice the very same things. We know that the judgment of God rightly falls on those who practice such things. Do you suppose, O man – you who judge those who practice such things and yet do them yourself – that you will escape the judgment of God? – Romans 2:1-3

Don’t Pass Judgement E-Bible

Mere C.S. Lewis: Judgement in the Psalms

One of the most powerful weapons of destruction in today’s world is judgement of others. It has the power to take lives, shatter dreams, and end relationships. It has the ability to cause anxiety, depression, and self loathing. The unfortunate part is that it is preventable and most always unnecessary. Pride is judgement’s best friend and together they are the enemy’s dynamic duo used to rob you of God’s goodness. What we think about people does not make it true. What people say about us is just as unreliable. When we learn to silence our ego we learn to hear God. God is the truth and when He speaks the lies of the enemy are forced to flee. You are not to be concerned with the petty projections of people. God is for you so who cares who is against you??


People underestimate the impact of their decisions when it comes to the things they say and do. One glance in a critical way at someone suffering inside can lead to them taking their life. One disrespectful remark to someone at their wits end can provoke violence. It is the thoughtlessness of the one who is always “thinking” things about everyone else that seems to be the latest weapon of choice. More and more we are seeing people who, in their own selfish quest for acceptance, sabotage their neighbor’s shot at it. People who believe they are advocates for God, but actually turning people against Him with picket signs, bad attitudes, and whispers in the back row at church.


Why anyone would believe that their judgment of others is either required or acceptable in any denomination is beyond me, but never the less,  there are a growing number of people who seem to think otherwise.


We all have faults. We all have made mistakes and we all have things in our lives we need to work on. We are not any better than anyone else no matter how much we would like to believe so. I have a steady following of “haters” and always have. I can bet anyone reading this has also been on the receiving end of undeserved disapproval at some point in their life. It is awful when you try to be the best you can yet be treated as if you were the exact opposite. It is very discouraging to be the only good thing about a bad person’s gossip. It is a challenge to stay true to your faith when someone is trying desperately to convince you that you have none.

God has already told us that we will be tried and tested by the world and that as followers of Jesus, we will share in His sufferings as He did. He has also made it very clear that He is the only judge and He is our safety from the sad games people play to make us think we are unworthy of His love and grace.

His love for us is not dictated by others. It is not conditional or containable. It is beyond our understanding and it is available to everyone that searches for it. His judgement  is very much coming. His account of our lives is what will ultimately seal our salvation. Do not waste your blessings by breaking people down to build your ego up. Love others and love God. It is that simple.


I know that it is tough to maneuver through this life when people, possessions, and power are used by the enemy daily to grab at your feet, but the Lord is with those that allow Him to be. He will always deliver you from your trial and He will always carry you over the things that try to stop you from being who He created you to be. Do not let people fool you into thinking unholy acts are the way to being holy. God will hold those that hurt in His name accountable just like He will all of us. Live life like you mean it. Treat everyone with love because you believe it! Life is tough, but God is enough.




9 thoughts on “I Know You Are But What Am I?

  1. It is really easy to get carried away with the world, empathy plays a phenomenal role whilst making judgments. In order to win more souls for Christ it is crucial not to be judgmental of those who have not known Jesus. We need to see them through His eyes and of how much value they are (Mk 8:36-37). Only by His Grace were we saved, not by our good.

    Love this post! Really appreciate the effort you put in compiling beautiful images for each of your ‘messages’. 🙂

    keep up the good work Erica! May God Bless you abundantly today!


    1. Thank you for reading Allen ! I am so glad you liked it! It is always a pleasure to come into agreement about Gods glory! 😉 He is so good to us! I appreciate you’re support and encouragement !

      Hope you’re having a wonderful day and happy Friday!


    1. Thank you so much Natasha!! I am so glad to hear that! God is working so much through my writing and I pray He keeps me moving in this direction so I can make a career out of blessing others! God bless you too! Thank you again!


  2. Continue to teach the truth and not just what you believe, EveryOne can tell your words are from the Heart and this is whats makes them ring true. Forgiveness is the way to Knowing, just like judgment keeps the Truth from You!
    Thank You for a Wonder-Full blog!


    1. Thank you so much David! Yes my heart is all I hope to offer others and coincidentally The Lord is my heart so it is a win win situation! Hehe. Be blessed this holiday and every day! Thank you for reading!


  3. Brightstar2911, you are exactly that, a bright star of love and truth. Your post and mine are alike, one Spirit of truth! You hit points that if we are not careful,we will in the end be our own downfall. I love the book of Matthew, Jesus makes it plain. When we judge people and stray away from our love walk in words, deeds and actions for the praise and acceptance of others, we will be rejected. The greatest commandment is love, everything else is centered around it and love does not harm in any form. Blessing and much love to you!!!


    1. Thank you for being such an encouragement V! You’re a light as well and burning boldly I must add! Together may this Brightstar and your Lovelight shine through the darkness of this world and reflect He who gives source to the flame! Be blessed pretty girl


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