A Much Needed Reminder

Ok everyone. God has cleverly allowed me to stumble upon this gem of a song in order to get my heart right before bed tonight.

I have not listened to this song in almost two years because it made me miss my bestest friend Regina who moved away. Gina and I used to sing this song every day to all the grumpy people on the 405 in traffic to make them laugh.

I am going to post it for you all now in hopes of getting a laugh or two outta you!

We should be happy always because God has told us the battle has already been won by the blood of His Son!

When He said IT IS FINISHED He meant it!
Rejoice in the Lord you guys. Laugh in the face of fallace.

It sometimes takes a little video like this to remind me of what I know. To snap the fun back in being a follower. We all deserve better than the world tells us we are worth, but Jesus said we are gonna have wait a little while.

Please take a minute and watch this. If you don’t feel better afterwards let me know and I will pray for you. Soundtrack of my life right here… Enjoy

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His Fire

“It is a common error to suppose that the Higher Life is a matter of reading, and the adoption of theological or metaphysical hypotheses, and that Spiritual Principles can be apprehended by this method.” -James Allen

God is seeking us out of our comfort zones right now. It is because He knows that He created a masterpiece in each of us, but we hide away. We wait until we think no one is looking before we thaw out the ice around our hearts desires and allow our passion for life to be seen.

God is looking silly! He is always looking! We cannot escape His heart because we are the pulse! We are formed to pulse through this planet and beat so loudly that the frozen and most hardened hearted are forced to crack and feel God’s heart. We are called to all participate in the making of God’s fire. We find the dried wood, the dried out, chaff of this place. . We add accelerant, but God’s love is the fire that furiously engulfs all that is His and purifies it.

Let Him engulf you and burn your strongholds down. He will bring the heat. It is hot in the spotlight. Do not run from refinement. Do not cower away from your destiny.

When the winter comes, do we look to freeze instead of be warm and cozy? No. Does God want us to be warm and cozy? No. He wants you on FIRE and that is anything but comfortable.

Be the pulse of God’s heart and participate in His destiny for your life. It is disrespectful to forget the One who should have let you freeze a million times, yet still asks for your company in the warmth of Heaven. You know what I mean. The coldest of your days when you were locked out in the storm and no one else would offer you even a jacket? He brought you in and gave you tea, wrapped you in His love and slept safely. The days no one even knows about. He is why you made it out before the wilderness could devour you. You remember, so then remember why we OWE Him. We OWE HIM praise because we know we only survived those days because He delivered us! Not because WE did it. Ya right. We would have been bear bait or an avalanches aftermath if He did not tell both to remain in their place.
Favor is not to be confused with freedom. You only have the talents, the treasures and the time He has allowed you to have because He gave you favor. The bears will smell you, but won’t find you. The earth will shake you, but the fresh powder on the mountain will not be allowed to take you. YOU OWE HIM. Don’t crystalize the pulse He created His own heart to beat by.

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