My Message Online Radio
Turning Your Mess Into Your Message


My show, Turning Your Mess Into Your Message, not only gives the powerful posts read here at My Message a voice, but also allows me to hear how God is working in your lives as well!!

Every Thursday from 3:30-4pm PT I read a selected blog post and discuss it’s key theme/topic in depth with my readers/listeners!

All episodes feature a Musical Minute ( A song that I believe resonates with the post of the day and it’s meaning which also transitions listeners into the second half of the episode)

Each broadcast is filled with inspiration, motivation, and an example of how God has turned one of my many messes into a message of hope through His tireless and transformational love!

My Message Radio gives you all a chance to share your stories by being a featured guest!

I am always interested in hearing how God is using others to bring about a positive change in others lives and, if this sounds like something you would be interested in, please contact me so I can make sure you are heard!

To be a featured guest on My Message Radio please fill out the attached contact form and include MY MESSAGE RADIO in the subject of your email!

I will get back to you as soon as I am able! Please visit the show’s page and follow it for support! I appreciate all of you!

I do not have an exclusive faith requirement in order for you to be on the air. In fact, I really enjoy talking with all types of people and learning about their personal experiences and journeys!

My Message is now being read in 130 countries and I only hope to reach many more who may be in a faith fallout via the extension of this radio show,

God bless all of you!


Love is demonstrated not dictated. Let’s show others what it means to really be Godly and that to Him we are all somebody!

Jesus is my savior not my religion. This is what My Message is all about. I am neither interested in debating with anyone about faith nor politicizing spirituality so please refrain from contacting me if you are looking to take it to that negative level. This is about getting God back into the groove of our lives and sharing with others how He has a plan specifically for them!

“I gave up on new poetry myself thirty years ago, when most of it began to read like coded messages passing between lonely aliens on a hostile world.” -Russell Baker

Don’t let the world confuse you. Allow God to use you! God bless

Be happy be bright be you!




2 thoughts on “My Message Online Radio

  1. I’m trying to use my novels so spread the message. “At Play in the Seas of the Lord,” is a modern day treasure hunting tale but also tackles the question of “If there is an all-powerful and loving God, why is evil allowed to roam the Earth?” It’s a question the Body of Christ must address.


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