So this morning I was really stuck on the idea of help and where it comes from. Now a days getting help from anyone is like pulling teeth at the dentist, however it has been quite the opposite from God. Ironic I was thinking it was that we are, as a majority, absolutely undeserving of anything from God, yet He delivers when we find ourselves stranded.
I was curious if anyone else has been a witness to God’s increase of grace in comparison to the earlier months of the year. Ezekiel is awesome to read around March thru about now because of his testament to increase around this time way back then.
Just excited to see chins being lifted by the Creator of our universe and seeing once more the power of truth and loyalty being demonstrated because we are ALL loved by God.

Now if we all could attempt to be so complimentary to one another as God is to us in need, we might just have the help we need for the winning hand in this poker kinda world.

I pray for everyone that needs increase of anything. May God let you experience the rest He gives when asked. It’s pretty cool! Hope you all are blessed!

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