God roars by a whisper. He shakes our souls with a breeze. He moves mountains by blinking and strikes lighting with a sneeze. Love is gentle and demonstrative.It is not loud or insinuated. Silent the storm in yourself and realize its not raining. God is our umbrella and our shelter when our problems are hailing. On what we cherish and on what we work so hard for. When we look around and no one is left as we cry on the floor. His language is felt if you are open to feeling. His grace is renewal if you are looking for healing. Be bold in your faith and gentle in your gestures. Give hugs and high fives versus put downs or lectures. A wise mans tools are in analogies and puzzles. A wise woman stays quiet knowing the silence speaks for her. Less talk and a lotta more action. That’s Christ in your life and it’s a chain reaction. Loves language is seen and It is found in His Word. Talking all of a sudden seems rather absurd. Be Christ like by being like Christ. Thats the way we will make it through these dark nights.

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