Effective is not infective. One cannot remain faithful to a movement when standing behind a parked car.

Leadership Freak

It’s easy to deflate others. But, it takes skill to lift people.

Leaders encourage – losers discourage.

Discouragement comes quickly, easily, and without thought. Encouragement – positive momentum – is a fragile flame that requires fuel, protection, and repetition.

Encouragement fuels success;
discouragement destroys it.

Nine ways to discourage others:

  1. Pile on work until they’re buried and then punish their mistakes or short-falls.
  2. Always know more.
  3. Criticize from the sidelines.
  4. Focusing on the negative past or dark future.
  5. Neglect forward focus.
  6. Withholding recognition and reward.
  7. Minimizing hard work by saying, “You’ve done well but you still have far to go.”
  8. Take credit for their work.
  9. Improve on their work while not working yourself.

Power of encouragement:

Discouraged people overestimate problems and underestimate opportunities. Don’t argue with their assessments. The issue is discouragement. Focus on encouraging, perceptions will change. Encouraged people courageously see opportunities and take next steps.

Bonus tip: Intervene before discouragement sets…

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