The enemy will try to deter us as believers from the peace that God promises. I am not a stranger to trial, however I am also a friend of God. The protection He offers is without limits and the solutions to our problems are always in His hands. The situation is never too great that He will not get us out safely. We are lucky to have such an unfailing love. Worthy is God to be praised. In all seasons.

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A Daily Prayer

Praying man Father, we are surrounded by Your awesome works and the endless display of Your divine handiwork. The entire universe is in perfect order which is a testimony to Your greatness and continued watchful eye over all of Your creation. The silent heavens speak as they declare Your majesty and glory. They also testify to Your righteousness and faithfulness as the Lord who created them and gave them a purpose for existence.  May we, as Your human creation, also proclaim Your righteousness and faithfulness day after day. May our lives display the work of the Holy Spirit as we continue to grow in faith until the day of Christ’s return. Amen.

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2 thoughts on “Our Father

  1. Such a great prayer to remind us to take in the amazing world that surrounds us and be thankful for its Creator that loves us so perfectly. Thanks for sharing


    1. Jerrod! Thank you so much for the comments! Few people I know personally actually read my stuff let Alone take the time to post their feedback! You’re a great friend and I am grateful for your liking my writing, but above all My Message. Glory to God


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