His Fire -Still Burning

Bringing y’all back through the fire! God is worth burning brightly for and He burns just as boldly for you! Be happy, be bright, be You!

My Message Ministries

“It is a common error to suppose that the Higher Life is a matter of reading, and the adoption of theological or metaphysical hypotheses, and that Spiritual Principles can be apprehended by this method.” -James Allen

God is seeking us out of our comfort zones right now. It is because He knows that He created a masterpiece in each of us, but we hide away. We wait until we think no one is looking before we thaw out the ice around our hearts desires and allow our passion for life to be seen.

God is looking silly! He is always looking! We cannot escape His heart because we are the pulse! We are formed to pulse through this planet and beat so loudly that the frozen and most hardened hearted are forced to crack and feel God’s heart. We are called to all participate in the making of God’s fire…

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