A pocket full of posies;

Ashes! Ashes!

We all fall down.

Ring Around The Rosie-Wikipedia

Much like the song we sang naively as chidren, our world seems to be singing this same familiar tune today. A song that meant pretty much nothing to me growing up except that I knew I would be getting dizzy, has my head spinning now that I am all grown up!

It is said the song was in reference to the black plague and the decline of the population in the 1880s. If i had known that back then, i probably would have refused to sing it, but I didn’t and sang it countless times while laughing and thinking it was just a silly game to play with my friends.

I found this to be almost parrallel to the way we live our lives in these days. While a majority of people are aware of the meaning of this life and why we dance, there are countless others simply spinning around in circles thinking there is nothing to the song.

God has been extremely patient in dealing with our attempts to shun Him out of society, but He has never been oblivious to our actions and will not be so leanent in holding us responsible for them when the song is over and we “all fall down”

Much of our energy is used in trying to force things which are not meant to be, attain things which are not ours, and rejecting the very things that are available for us to be happy. Now more than ever it appears people are trying their hardest to reject the very source of our existence and the One who controls this song and dance called life.

It is imperative in these times that we are aware of the meaning of the lyrics to the song we sing and understand that we will eventually fall and God will remain. There are no posies to protect us from our own actions and no remedies to the plague we willingly spread in attempts to negate God from what is His.

Do not spin around in circles while others are progressing happily and honestly with faith and compassion. So many of us feel so close to happiness, but ultimately realize we have been getting nowhere for a long time.

This new year is important and so are you! Sing your life’s song to God and let Him manifest the dance! Give others your love and attention, accept it when others love you and above all GET GOD in the process!

We are almost there. Do not get distracted by the tune. Make your lyrics count!!

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5 thoughts on “Ring Around The Rosie

  1. Nicely said Erica! What an interesting way to compare that song with how we tend to live in real life when we take God’s love and blessings for granted. Thanks for the motivation! Blessings! -David [Let’s go higher!]


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