If You Can’t Stop At Least Smile As You Go By


And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love. – 1 Cor. 13:13


It is getting harder and harder to feel anything anymore unless it is irritation or defeat. It is bad enough I have to try to fake a smile at a loved one, let alone someone I just meet.

What has become of love and where has it hidden? What has happened to my prince charming or the friends I used to confide in? I know that with time I will trust and with hope I will believe, but recent disappoinments have left my heart here to bleed.

How did You do it? God how did You dare? To continually open Your House to all of us when we leave You sitting alone up there? We complain about a break up or cry over a lost possesion You day after day get the slip from one of us, your most prized obsessions.

There are so many things that have hardened our hearts, Yet our daily activities are ripping Yours apart. If we could just try to be a little more like You, maybe love would not have the sour taste people are accustomed to. If we could think of who provides what we lack and answers our calls, Who gives us the shelter from the hurricane as the heavy rain falls.

We can have faith in You or hope we find our way, but it is clear that love is most vital to survive in this world today. You are the One who gives water to those who thirst, the One who feeds the birds, the ones who came first. Why is it so hard to offer the same on our own? Why do we refuse to be good company and still become bitter all alone?

For us, for love you let Jesus take the heat. For the sake of our salvation you gave us the victory of a battle we chose to end in our defeat. I pray for an understanding God and a courage to walk the miles. I pray for the ability to mimic such a love for the ones who suffer in never ending trials.

How do You do it? God how do You dare? To continually open Your House to all of us when we leave You sitting alone up there?

-Erica D
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Poem inspired by Christian artist Charismatik and their lyrics to the song “Tne Greatest Of These”

“The Greatest of These”

If I can fathom the deepest mysteries
And have a knowledge of ancient histories
But I have not love
I am nothing
If I have faith that can move mountains
And gifts that are abounding
But I have not love
I am nothing
And if I give everything I have
Away to the poor
If I give it all away so that I have no more
If I do all that and I have not love
I am nothing
Knowledge just won’t last
It will become part of the past
Some day the gifts will cease
And they will rest in peace
But love, love will never fail
It will always prevail
More than any you can think of
The greatest of these… is love
And now I’m something
The greatest of these is love (repeat)

“Just as in earthly life lovers long for the moment when they are able to breathe forth their love for each other, to let their souls blend in a soft whisper, so the mystic longs for the moment when in prayer he can, as it were, creep into God.” -Soren Kierkegaard

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Walk It Out

Thou madest him to have dominion over the works of thy hands; thou hast put all things under his feet.” Psalm 8:6

There are days when walking gets tough and we barely have the strength to stand. Getting out of bed in itself just does not seem like a good idea. The feeling of defeat can hit so hard sometimes, even before our feet hit the floor. It is amazing how our way of thinking can directly affect our outcome.
The best things we do often require a great deal of thought or consideration before they can be brought about. An author cannot simply write a best seller without thought about the plot. A business man cannot sell his latest product without first thinking of how he must market it.

We fail to realize how much power God has given us to walk out His already well thought out agendas for our lives. We also fail to realize the importance of that very statement! We are to be confident in our stance here on Earth knowing that all things that try to pull at our coat tails have already been considered and removed for our success. God intended we expect success when we pursue a life of happiness not work at it. God has written our advantages by giving us the ability to stand. What is under our feet, on our nerves, and in our way is not a coincidence, it is part of our test in faith as to whether we truly trust that God has well thought out our path or not.

When you stand. When you rise. When you are planted with your feet firmly on that which is beneath your feet. Think next time about how powerful that in itself is. The moment you trust God’s well thought out plan for your success is also the moment of victory against self defeat and the enemy.

The lyrics from the song Under Foot by Charismatik are brilliantly parrallel to such testing. The fact is that the enemy is at your feet. He will strike at any opportunity to get you to fall. The truth is that we should not be fearful or surprised by such attacks, but we should be expectant of them and prepared from the start.

The serpent will strike at the heel
The Savior will crush his head
The enemy roars like a lion
But he’s as good as dead
Enemies are made a footstool
They’ll flee in terror and dread
His robe is dipped in blood
The winepress of wrath He’ll tread
Mountains will flee before Him under foot
The skies will recede like a scroll under foot
The star will fall from heaven under foot
And the seas no longer roll under foot
He’ll reign for a thousand years under foot
With iron scepter in hand under foot
Every knee will bow before Him under foot
And everyone will understand understood
Though He was under the ground under foot
Everything’s under His feet under foot
The God of peace will crush Satan under foot
The serpent’s trampled in defeat under foot
His feet are like fine brass under foot
His face shines like the sun under foot
I fell at His feet as though dead under foot
He is the living One! understood

When you have a path that leads you to your destiny, it is wise to understand that all you need is from above and what ever tries to bring you down is under foot.
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Break These Chains

Acts 16:16-40 Once when we were going to the place of prayer, we were met by a female slave who had a spirit by which she predicted the future. She earned a great deal of money for her owners by fortune-telling….

“Trapped. Tortured. Torn apart.
Sounds familiar doesn’t it when you stumble in the dark?
The enemy has built a wall where you want to walk,
he has already outlined your body with his chalk.
The chains are heavy, but nothing like the weight of your choice.
The one you make daily to silence God’s voice.
See the point is the key lies with it’s master.
Man before God is a reoccurring disaster.

Take a minute to catch your breath.
Take a knee to bow before He who hung to death.
To hear the roar of the angels as they battle for you.
To realize it all takes place with or without you.
Heavy is the weight of the world and you are seconds from cracking.
You are a life time away from the sound of chains cracking.
God has not intended you be the strong one you assume.
Trying to be Jesus is guaranteed not to suit you.
That weight, those chains, He carried so you didn’t have to live this way.
As a gift you only have to sit in the prison that you do.
It is grace and a purpose looming over you.
Paul and Silas were prisoners, they were placed there where you lay.
Through their faith and praise to the King though the Earth shook that day.
Tick of the clock, the pace of the walk, they are to be famiiar to who God uses to talk.
Your purpose is not to be what you are not capable of being.
It is to praise the One who will only deliver the richness of simply just seeing.
Beyond the wrapper the chocolate lies
Haven’t you gotten a tummy ache a thousand times?
Sweet is not the candy the enemy uses to lure you to your cavity.
It is the feeling of the freedom when God breaks the chains of your depravity!

Break The Chains- New Release Tuesday.Com
The song “Break These Chains” by Christian artist Charismatik, is all about the freedom I am speaking of. It is their newest and featured release from their album yet the message I got from their lyrics was purposefully and powerfully a familiar one. A tough one, true, but worth it! If you are sick. If you also are locked up in your self and cannot get to medicine, how will you get well? You will rot without action.

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Tell the judge you understand you are accountable for what you know is all on you. Innocent even if guilty is His sentence for you!
You will be an inmate if you portray yourself a criminal. You are not. God knows that you are not.

All that seperates you from that key is how honest you choose to be. Your freedom is not negotiable. It is written. God says you go free. God, however, did not intend for you to assume that freedom came for free. It did not. In fact the cost of your bail was paid by the blood of God’s only son! That deserves to be acknowledged, accepted, and shouted by you as you tell the rest of the prisoners how freedom is attained. It is your job to rep being able to work. When witnessing to why God saved you, you simultaneously are staying unchained!

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