Acts 16:16-40 Once when we were going to the place of prayer, we were met by a female slave who had a spirit by which she predicted the future. She earned a great deal of money for her owners by fortune-telling….

“Trapped. Tortured. Torn apart.
Sounds familiar doesn’t it when you stumble in the dark?
The enemy has built a wall where you want to walk,
he has already outlined your body with his chalk.
The chains are heavy, but nothing like the weight of your choice.
The one you make daily to silence God’s voice.
See the point is the key lies with it’s master.
Man before God is a reoccurring disaster.

Take a minute to catch your breath.
Take a knee to bow before He who hung to death.
To hear the roar of the angels as they battle for you.
To realize it all takes place with or without you.
Heavy is the weight of the world and you are seconds from cracking.
You are a life time away from the sound of chains cracking.
God has not intended you be the strong one you assume.
Trying to be Jesus is guaranteed not to suit you.
That weight, those chains, He carried so you didn’t have to live this way.
As a gift you only have to sit in the prison that you do.
It is grace and a purpose looming over you.
Paul and Silas were prisoners, they were placed there where you lay.
Through their faith and praise to the King though the Earth shook that day.
Tick of the clock, the pace of the walk, they are to be famiiar to who God uses to talk.
Your purpose is not to be what you are not capable of being.
It is to praise the One who will only deliver the richness of simply just seeing.
Beyond the wrapper the chocolate lies
Haven’t you gotten a tummy ache a thousand times?
Sweet is not the candy the enemy uses to lure you to your cavity.
It is the feeling of the freedom when God breaks the chains of your depravity!

Break The Chains- New Release Tuesday.Com
The song “Break These Chains” by Christian artist Charismatik, is all about the freedom I am speaking of. It is their newest and featured release from their album yet the message I got from their lyrics was purposefully and powerfully a familiar one. A tough one, true, but worth it! If you are sick. If you also are locked up in your self and cannot get to medicine, how will you get well? You will rot without action.

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Tell the judge you understand you are accountable for what you know is all on you. Innocent even if guilty is His sentence for you!
You will be an inmate if you portray yourself a criminal. You are not. God knows that you are not.

All that seperates you from that key is how honest you choose to be. Your freedom is not negotiable. It is written. God says you go free. God, however, did not intend for you to assume that freedom came for free. It did not. In fact the cost of your bail was paid by the blood of God’s only son! That deserves to be acknowledged, accepted, and shouted by you as you tell the rest of the prisoners how freedom is attained. It is your job to rep being able to work. When witnessing to why God saved you, you simultaneously are staying unchained!

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