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Caught Red Handed


“He who chooses to be a master never does just enough to get by; nor does he cut corners or attempt to cheat the system. He who chooses mastery lives his life asking, ‘How can I do more, give more, be more, and thereby accelerate the achievement of my ultimate destiny?’.” -James Arthur Ray


Burn me once shame on you, burn me twice shame on me. The war against trickery seems to be fought on a daily basis. My favorite book, the Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis, not only addresses such deceit, but the very worst kind….The lies we tell ourselves!

We have an awful way of breaking our own hearts with some of the things we convince ourselves of, however, when another person takes it upon themselves to do the breaking, it seems much harder to recover. There is nothing worse than coming to find out the truth you very much believed in was all the while a fraud. I am not a stranger to this tragedy. In fact, I may as well have written it myself. I have been both the liar and the lied to and can confidently say both are just as painful. Thank God I was blessed with the opportunity to rebuild the bridges I burned with the fire of my tongue, but sadly there are people who are completely content in watching the cinders burn. People who lie for sport. People who simply do not care what they have to do or who they have to hurt in getting what they are after.


But no, the people are like crafty merchants

selling from dishonest scales –

they love to cheat (Hosea 12:7 NLT)


Honesty is the foundation of all relationships whether they be with others or ourselves. One cannot plant strong roots in weak soil. When we lie, cheat, and manipulate in order to satisfy our wants, we forfeit our ability to attain true happiness and simultaneously destroy the idea of that happiness for those we hurt when they realize what we have done. It is so much easier for everyone if we say what we mean and mean what we say. God sees all the things we do when we think no one is watching.


The sick feeling that accompanies being a fake is actually discernment. We know very well what we are doing in the midst of dishonesty and that it is not okay, but money, lust, and fear have brilliant ways of convincing us otherwise. Regardless of the temporal gain we may feel we achieve via cutting corners and the hearts of others, the long lasting outcome is loss of much more than we realize. In an instant all the things the devil promises you will fade and you will be left empty handed and full of regret.


Do not get caught red handed in the cookie jar. If you know you shouldn’t be eating a cookie then don’t eat one! If you want a cookie that badly ask for one! God would rather you ask for help than see you take matters into your own hands despite the consequences. He knows your desires and He knows much better than you whether or not what you crave now will be satisfying to your long term happiness. Trust Him and be trusted by others. Eventually someone will notice they are low on cookies and you will be the only one around with chocolate on your face and
a tummy ache!


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Head Games

This message contains an actual poem I wrote a couple years back that I randomly stumbled upon while going through old notes on my Facebook.

The way I felt after re reading this poem is a bit hard to describe. I was going through a time of testing in regards to unhealthy, worldly relationships, however had no clue of this at the time so I was suffering very badly emotionally.
The way I was taken for granted, disrespected, and broken down by this person was the most painful experience I have ever been through. It was a result of my voluntary seperation from my spiritual walk and with that seperation came the enemy’s opportunity to play head games with me. I became the victim he convinced me I was. I then lost myself and the ability to hear God’s voice as he rambled off his laundry list of all I was not.

Ironically , this was also God’s opportunity to teach me about what it feels like when He is not at the center of things. How it turns out when we would rather pursue the people or things which we know very well have no business being chased after, yet make them our primary objects of devotion.

Idols are disappointing. They will all be destroyed by the real deal. God’s love is unsearchable, but He always finds a way to you. There is nowhere to hide from His love. The dark always will be brought to light.

The point I am trying to make through all of this is simply that I get it. I hurt, i have hurt, badly. We all have had an experience where we chose the world instead of God which left us without, stressed out, and only a bad ending to talk about. A time where God was showing us through a painul experience just how happy you can be if you allow yourself to be with Him by your side.

It has now been about Two years or so since I have heard from or seen this man I speak about because I finally chose to listen to God. I chose to trust He had something better in store and to walk away from what obstructed my path to obtaining it.

It is one choice at a time. It may seem tough, but I can be a witness to God’s promise it will never hurt that way again! Believe that you are a gem. Do not allow anyone or anything take you from yourself! Below is where I was. Above is where our healing comes from and God’s Word is what we stand on in between.

Be happy, be bright, be YOU! In Jesus name

“my head is aching, my body is tired. my patience worn thin and our time expired. i need to sleep but instead i pace. emotions stand in front of me and pain laughs in my face. its so very clear that this is not what i need. that no matter how i try to force this i wont succeed. its a lesson learned and i am stronger than this. the verdict has been read, case dismissed. why do we like to hurt so much? why cant we simply look instead we have to touch? the flame draws us near though the burn is a promise. one of these days we will learn to just be honest. to ourselves and let it go. all the twisted nonsense that eats away at us slow. all of the games that we are convinced we must play. of the idea that we will never just be happy some day . i hold hope tightly and kiss it good night. together its inevitable we will win this fight….. ”

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