Strange how many of the things that make us the happiest leave us the most without. How what we invest most of ourselves never repays the favor.
I am familiar with the teeter totter of satisfaction. One day I am up, the next I hit the ground and am all alone on the playground. People have a strange way of loving. Often they only love their idea of what they hold closet. Often times they revoke that affection as soon as that idea is compromised.
I am familiar with that kind of love as well. I have both taken advantage and been taken advantage of. Human nature I suppose.
Luckily I have learned to love in a supernatural way which is the only kind that looks to fill you while it leaves you empty. The more you empty of yourself, the more you have available to be filled with Gods goodness. Strange how the farther we get away from our version of life, the closer we get to His plan for us.
When you feel the most foreign, you are closer to belonging. Let yourself go next time you are struggling to get loose. He will be where you are running and you will find what you run to. Strange how love is found when you are lost.

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