“There is desirable treasure, and oil in the dwelling of the wise, but the foolish man squanders it.” – Proverbs 21:20

What is it we see in the desert of life? What is the water we thirst for when we are in a spiritual drought? Often times we seek to fill our wants in people or things of this world and end up giving more of ourselves in the processes than we lacked to begin with. Foolish how we look to stale bread when God has just offered us a fresh loaf through Jesus and His grace. God is the only One who can deliver us out of our desert and into an oasis that our eyes cannot see, but in fact is actually there waiting for us if we can just walk through the mirage of this life and it’s tempting yet deceiving streams of water. We must seek the real deal instead of go for every seemingly abundant facade of what we need. The trials of this dry land are en route to the true garden of rest and recovery. Where grass is grace and trees bear the fruit of our every need. Do not let bad apples stop you from getting to the orchard of Gods supplication. No money, no worry, no emotion is worth risking the very real truth that we will be left to rot with the rest.
Do not squander your treasure on false images of gold and happiness. God knows your needs and if you are able to receive them, you will make it out of the desert.

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