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It is a favorite pastime of unbelievers, especially atheists, to take jabs at Christians and rejoice when bad news about Christian churches comes out. They love to flock to news sites, especially Christian news sites, to leave their comments to mock, joke, and put down all things Christian. If Christians weren’t around for them to attack, I really believe they would see how empty their lives really are and that no matter what they do, they would find no genuine peace. Here are some statements I’ve read recently by God-haters:

In order for churches to shed their hypocrisy, homophobia, and other “negative” images, they must stop using the Bible.

The Bible is a book of fiction and Christians are weak-minded for believing it.

Worshipers are the most narcissistic, dishonest individuals to exist.

The Bible is historically inaccurate.

Religious people shouldn’t get preferential treatment just for believing in some invisible man in…

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