When we think of the universe we become accountable to the knowledge that we are but mere specks in comparison to it’s size. We already know how huge it is.
Now think of God. He created that universe and regardless of your size, placed you purposefully in it. That is Cosmic love if ever displayed! Looking to people, things, and jobs to give us this kind of love leaves us in the dark every time. There is no way to get the light of God and it’s warmth on your face if you allow the shadows of this world to hide you from it.

The results are dark. We were never meant to follow the world so far that God cannot be seen or felt. We are to burn brightly like the Sun and are numbered like the stars to keep God’s presence illuminated here while we are waiting for His return.
Cosmic Love : Follow the light of your heart and remain lit amongst lamps that also burn with purpose. Fanned by the flame that sustains the light of all the Heavens. God is yours.

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