This year we especially feel the weight the world presses on our shoulders. From natural disaster to unnatural massacre, the human race has been rocked hard the past 365.
Glory to God for His promises and for the weight Jesus carried and still willingly totes on our behalf. There is rest in Him, but that is the testing we must live in. Every day is a battle, as it was for the One who has already been named the victor! This CHRISTmas, I remember the Man who was, who is , and is to come.
Be blessed. Be loved. Be victorious!

Song Lyrics- Josh Garrels “SISU”

By the word and command, mortal man can stand, son of man is the manna manifest In the flesh and the blood, and the bones and the rocks, in the valley of the dead
The dry bones are gonna walk and talk
To the rhythm of the saints y’all, to the rhythm of the saints And I paint it red to remember the dead,
who layed down their lives for the truth And the seed that is buried takes root, and this ignorant world will have proof I remember the sins of my youth,
the path and the madness of unrestrained pleasure The heavier trip it made the heavier debter In the deepest of dark without a wing or a feather,
The spiral closed in like a cage, like a cage A maze that’s amazing for days turns to rage if the page it refuses to turn And the hopeless will hope the book burns
When the lesson it returns, but the lesson is still unlearned See I yearn to discern if a life can be earned or is given as a gift to the dead I read and I bled and I fed to the full my soul on the sickest of sickness
Seeking the light of a saviors witness, a way that one day that I might forget this But slave master wont permit this
Cause I’m a hooker I’m his mistress And when I look for freedom he puts more chains on me Strangles my hope so that I live like a zombie
What masters house can this be, that when I look for freedom he still deceives me If there’s a God I screamed, “Answer me!”
I didn’t expect an answer to be received, He said You must die, to be set free, living in the kingdom of God eternally Open up my eyes so that I may see….

We will all be a witness.

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