The Vineyard : My Message Is Now My First Book!

I have teamed up with Please help me in raising the publication costs of my first devotional, The Vineyard, by visiting the link above. I have turned my blog, My Message, here on WordPress into a faith based, motivational journey through the seasons of our lives according to the seasons of the year! Please visit the link provided to be a part of my journey and help me make my dream come true of being a published author.

Thank all of you for your support and helping me bring the love of God to so many who are suffering.


3 thoughts on “The Vineyard : My Message Is Now My First Book!

  1. CONGRATULATIONS ERICA! Your testimony, blogs & tweets have been so encouraging to read. The light of Jesus shines through you xx God bless you and your bright future xx


    1. Thank you so much! Your testimony that you submitted will be included when the devotional is published! I am so blessed to know that I have been able to witness to you and so many others through this blog and hopefully I will reach my goal by Aug. 20. God bless you


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