The Vineyard- FaithLauncher Crowd Funding Campaign Video from Erica Elayne DiCarlo on Vimeo.

I am so excited to announce that the launch of my crowdfunding campaign for my upcoming devotional is in just 5 days! As most of you already know, I have written my first book, The Vineyard-God’s Favor From Seed To Harvest and have been chosen by to have my project (the publication of the book) featured to raise the money I need for publication costs. I will be raising $3000 and hope to meet my Aug. 31st deadline. There is no gift too small and you can also make contributions right here via my Paypal account

All of you have been so amazing and I cannot tell you how much I appreciate you helping me make my dream of becoming an author and faith based motivator possible.

The devotional is a four part journey through the seasons of our lives according to the seasons of the year. Each season contains 15 topic related posts found right here at My Message and is intended to show those reading that no matter what you may be going through in life, God is very much there and has a plan for your life! The devotional also has a featured testimonial portion in the back which is reserved for the first 15 people who donate $100. As a thank you for such a huge help, I will give these people a page of their own in print to share their own testimony with my readers. You will be a part of this journey and My Message for always! The names of all who donate a gift of any size will be mentioned by name in the acknowledgements as well.

The world needs God so badly and this book will lay the platform I need in the professional aspect to pursue my calling and take My Message from blog to bookshelves everywhere!

I have some awesome gifts to offer all those who put in to this project and will be excited to get you all involved after the launch goes live! I will be posting an update daily to my social media sites as the launch approaches so stay with me!

The campaign is set to launch in 5 days from today Tue. 7/23! The final countdown begins. God bless and thank you again for your help!

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