“It remains true that all things are possible with God: the intrinsic impossibilities are not things but nonentities. It is no more possible for God than for the weakest of His creatures to carry out both of two mutually exclusive alternatives; not because His power meets an obstacle, but because nonsense remains nonsense even when we talk it about God.” – C. S. Lewis

English: The oldest star of our Galaxy: HE 152...
English: The oldest star of our Galaxy: HE 1523-0901 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Star light, star bright, first star I see tonight… You all should be familiar with the rest of this one right?? If not, do not be dismayed! Actually, you are not at the disadvantage you assume.

The star. Such inspiration and intrigue come from this dazzler. So much in fact, I even am overwhelmed when I think of all that has been associated with it. Curiously enough even our wishes have been placed in the care of the star.

When we wish or want for something, it means that what we seek not only reflects our hearts deepest desires, but also what defines our idea of what we may need to get by in the ideal.




Sometimes I wonder if people actually offer their wishes to the stars? Do they expect a star to grant them their hearts request? Well, stars I imagine aren’t very reliable considering they are a million years dead and gone. That I guess would mean so are your dreams if you were to rely on the star.


God is like a good friend, you may not always see Him, but He will always be there. Unlike the beautiful stars which are just as universal and a trillion years old, God knows no such thing as having a expiration date. Along with creating all that will fail in its own time, our Father is also the definition of all that cannot fail….ever.


Just beyond the failure is the truth. Just beyond the stars, which will inevitably lose their luster, Is the light that can not be dimmed. God is One we should be sending our wishes to and who we should be consulting when in need.
His goodness is un searchable, but He will always find you.

When you have faith in the unfailing, you’re able to eliminate worry or want. What you wish for will no longer be a hope it becomes a definite delivery in His timing. Even if feels like a wish is unheard or you don’t feel you’ve received what you need, He has heard and He is working things differently for your good.

We do not always understand, but we are to trust in Him who is all understanding to get us out of our lacking. He will. When you wish upon a star, makes no difference who you are, God loves you and will bless you with an answer. Keep that in mind next time you gaze at the stars. They are bright, but the light of the world is beyond them and waiting for your wishes. After all, a wish is known as a prayer in disguise. Don’t panic. Pray!


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