Tonight was both one of the most amazing nights I have had in a long time as well as one of the most disturbing.
It all started this afternoon when I got the news that God has blessed me with yet another new job opportunity! I have been offered the position of house manager at a Christian drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility here in So Cal. The pay is significantly more than what I have been making this last year and I am now able to make a career out of encouraging others! Not only will I be mentoring clients in their recovery from addiction, but more importantly I will be helping them strengthen their walk with Jesus. I can humbly say it is a privilege to be able to do such intimate work for The Lord and only because I too have been where these clients are now.

As you all know, the whole foundation of my ministry/radio show is built upon the truth that only God can turn your mess into a beautiful message! He has done it for me once again this last few months.

My dads passing away last month has been the most heart breaking experience I have ever walked out. Thank God for my training up in faith or else I would never have had the ability to stand after such a blow to my spirit.

The death of our flesh is not the end of our lives, but rather the beginning of them. Jesus has conquered every thing that tries to keep us from Him including the grave. Death has lost it’s sting and I can find joy in Him. In truth.

But what about the ones who don’t know Jesus? Where do these people find hope when lost in despair?
What about those who think this life is all there is?
What about the ones the devil has convinced will never make it or that they couldn’t if they wanted to?

I have been wanting to see my favorite band, The Kooks, live in concert for years, but have never been able to afford tickets. My sister was able to get us cheap tickets a couple months back and blessed me with the opportunity to go see them tonight!

Needless to say the show was epic! For the first time since my dad passed away last month, I actually danced like no one was around, laughed along side my twin sister and good friend/room mate and whole heartedly enjoyed being amongst a big crowd of strangers.

While I was waiting for the show to start, I spent about an hour and a half out on the venue’s patio chatting with my sister and my friend.

In my life and in ministry, God often places me in large crowds of different people, but all of which suffer from the same type of spiritual warfare.

My experience on a night out can be very different than others and it usually is. Tonight was so exception.

A few random guys walked up and began talking to us about which band we came to see. The venue had different rooms for different artists so the crowd was… Colorful you could say….

These guys said they were seeing a rap artist called Brotha Lynch Hung…Apparently the hottest new rapper with a huge following.

I mentioned I had never heard of him and one guy began to tell me why I should listen to him and why he is the best rapper… (This list is real)
1) he raps about cannabalism
2) he raps about “crock rocks” – a combination of smoking bath salts and crack
3) he is a crack head
4) he is high on MDMA when performing
5) it’s not what he raps about, but it is what he raps about…

As this guy is rambling on about this rappers “talent”, he then casually mentions that one time while high on bath salts someone had ate the face off someone.

I looked at him and asked him why canabalism and being a crack head were appealing to him and he said it’s just the new thing these days…. While wearing a rosary around his neck….
I grabbed it and asked him if Jesus meant anything to him or if he just sport the cross as a necklace? He said he was a Christian…. Or whatever. I nodded in utter disbelief then he walked away…


Shortly after, another young guy asked us if had a lighter he could use to smoke his weed… I said no and suggested maybe he should just not smoke weed. He walked away, came back with a lighter and then blew weed smoke in my face. I asked him to take it elsewhere and that pot is lame contrary to what the “cool kids” are saying these days. He then got offended by my asking him to not smoke pot anywhere near me… He was offended…

This is our youth ladies and gentlemen.
They would rather medicate themselves with bath salts, eat each other’s faces and listen to songs about cannabalism than be accountable for anything that takes guts or application.

Jesus is the problem? Let’s purge Christianity/God and humility out of schools so you can make more room for this filth in your classrooms and venues?


The utter lack of feeling anything for anyone but yourself is sick and it’s spreading like a plague. People are not dumb, they are worse.. They are numb.

All those who think they can run things better without God better Get a clue before anymore kids kill themselves on your watch.

Jesus brings life. We seek to mock it, mutilate it and eventually destroy it.

Just saying… This happened tonight. What happens tomorrow??


7 thoughts on “While I Was Waiting

  1. Gosh, Erica! There are times when I despair of things around me; looking at how people are living disrespectfully , not only to God, but to each other & I feel helpless to make a difference. The guys you spoke to in the post above are probably not alone in their recreational choices & it is terrifying to think people choose to live like that! We need to be people who challenge what is wrong when we are convicted by the Holy Spirit, “because He who is in you is greater than he who is in the world.” 1 John 4:4. I once wondered why people seem to have a realisation of Christianity or Heaven & angels and such, but they were not Christians. They believed they would go to Heaven after death but they didn’t believe in Jesus. Whilst I was reading scripture, God gave me the verse to show me why people cannot dispute the reality of His existence, “He has also set eternity in their heart…” Ecclesiastes 3:11 [NASB]. They believe because God has given them a longing, a knowledge that this is not our home! Wearing a crucifix & saying you’re ‘a Christian or whatever’ whilst continuing to live in a way contradictory to God’s plan for us is very foolish to say the least. I commit enough wrongs in my life to know I’m far from perfect or worthy to fall at His feet, but I know His grace is enough for me as His power is made perfect in weakness. May God help those souls!
    (P.S. Keep writing, girly!! You are a blessing!)


    1. It’s terrifying to see how the enemy has totally taken over the minds of these people without their even realizing. The best way for him to deceive a man is to make him completely oblivious, but he does it slowly. See the devil isn’t flashy. Most of the time he isn’t even there at all. He has eternity to convince man that there is no such thing as eternity. He keeps man questioning himself and God as long as it keeps man from praying to God. The Complete Works of CS Lewis should be read by everyone at least once. My two favorites by him are Mere Christianity which helps us understand our nature in contrast to God’s and the Screwtape Letters of course helps us understand the enemy and shows how he doesn’t really need to do anything. We do most of the digging of our own damnation.. He just patiently waits with a shovel until we are neck deep in the sands of our mind and then he tells us it was all a lie. The final shovel of dirt that he uses to bury us alive is in revealing the entire time the problem was YOU. You choose who to play for.but the game is playing regardless. Eternity is a long time. I really urge people to spend more time on what they would like to spend forever doing and where. The choice is entirely up to each of us.


      1. I watched a performance of the Screwtape Letters – really powerful stuff! Before I became a Christian, I used to have panic attacks about what would happen to me when I died – I was a young, single parent & I was scared. It’s only looking back I realise that God had placed eternity in my heart & that’s where my awareness of it came from, but my fear of eternity wasn’t from God – it was all a lie! I have a very real enemy, but boy do I have a faithful God who has secured the victory for me through Jesus! #MoreThanConquerors xx


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